Program Notes:  ‘Tennessee Walt’s 61 and Counting’

Online, May 21, 2022 1.  “A Song about You” (Gayden Wren, 2019). A year or two back, I noticed that in 2020 a country singer named Sam Grow had premiered a song called “Song About You.”  I haven’t heard it, so I don’t know if it’s anything like mine.  For the record, I debuted mine … Continue reading Program Notes:  ‘Tennessee Walt’s 61 and Counting’

Ode to Billy Joe

One morning in 1968, a scruffy-looking 29-year-old toting a guitar made his way onto westbound Route 40 somewhere in Texas, looking to thumb a ride to Los Angeles.  Despite his best efforts, however, hundreds of drivers passed him by.  Tiring of getting nowhere, the impatient hitchhiker crossed the highway and took a shot at a … Continue reading Ode to Billy Joe